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Features - Smart Protocol Analyzer
Modbus OPC Serial Server

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Smart Protocol Analyzer is your guide in the SCADA communication domain. It eavesdrops on the communication between SCADA Master and Slave, deciphers the data, and displays it in a legible manner.

  • Very easy to setup and very easy to use.
  • A complete software solution, no need for extra hardware, or extra cables, or extra computers.
  • Captures traffic directly from your LAN.
  • Captures socket traffic in conjunction with your terminal server.
  • It can also be run using two serial ports with an extra cable and computer if need arises.
  • Few clicks to setup and monitor. No need to synchronize baud rates, change cables,  or do special setups.
  • One time setup and it is always available when you need it.
  • Works and coexists with existing Master and Slave from any vendor.
  • Capture real time communication data with capability to save it and later retrieve from file.
  • You can also split capture and protocol analysis phase for slower machines.
  • You can type or copy/paste hex byte streams your self and we will parse and show the protocol packets in the interactive mode.
  • Now has the remote access and multi user feature. Many people can simultaneously monitor network or serial data activity on a remote host. They can do this sitting at their office or home or anywhere they can get Internet connectivity to the host system they want to monitor.
  • Bundled with tools to easily manipulate your data in different formats and various byte orders.
  • Tools to calculate CRCs and LRCs used by various communication protocols.
  • Powerful pre capture filter feature allows you to capture precisely what you want to see while conserving resources.
  • Powerful post capture filter feature allows you to show or hide packets that matches filter without loosing any packet.
  • Powerful real time triggers which perform selected actions when a packet satisfies filter criteria.
  • Graphical protocol statistics.
  • Supports multiple protocols on single and multiple communication ports.
  • Ever growing list of supported protocols.
  • Works with standard serial ports, multi port serial controllers, radio modems, internal dial up modems, external dial up modems and other serial devices.
  • Automatically detects MASTER/SLAVE Station type.
  • Currently supports NT 4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.
  • Includes serial port monitor to capture and view serial data and control activity in real time.
  • Serial run-time viewer to show serial stats, performance counters, error counters, serial communication settings (eg. baud rate, stop bits, etc), and control signal activity.
  • Displays Tx/Rx counter in status bar.
  • Color coding of error packets, out of sequence packets, warnings.
  • Our unique hex logger saves your system's virtual memory, Smart PA uses user defined amount of memory to capture and display data. This enables the analyzer to run virtually non-stop without hogging  your system resources.
  • The stable view feature of Smart PA allows you to look at real time data, and does not let new incoming data to scroll the packets you are looking at out of your view. To enable real time scrolling, simply move the scroll bar at the bottom.
  • Bit-viewer to view bit field structures. This gives you insight into the very bits of your data where needed.
  • You can customize your view, dock  toolbars where you want them, adjust window size and positions to your liking, and Smart PA remembers your preferences.
  • Smart PA now comes with the Break-out-Box feature. It works with special sniffer cable to sniff packets from RS485, RS422, RS232.