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DNP3 I/O Master/Slave Server

Our DNP3 I/O Server is designed with the Windows 32bit platform in mind. The server is capable of handling very large scale SCADA systems with minimal impact on computer CPU usage.

Some of the key features of the DNP Server:

  • communicates OPC, DDE, FastDDE, and Suitelink. Compatible with WonderWare, ICONICS, Citect, Intellution, Rockwell Software RSView32, and any other compliant HMI/MMI
  • serial, modem, radio, and TCP/IP communication capable
  • multi-user GUI with remote access to server
  • highly optimized poll scheduler using differential timers vs timer tick - This features enables the topics to be polled when scheduled and not constantly, helping reduce the load on the CPU
  • Smart online and offline configuration changes - enter topic and I/O information and apply the changes on the fly
  • Smart configuration layout - reduces user configuration effort by inheriting port settings down to all the topics. No more per topic level communication setting required
  • Hot configuration upload - you do not have to shut down the server to load new configurations. Edit the configuration file using Excel or notepad. Multiple configuration changes can be uploaded and applied on the fly
  • GUI is detached from main server back-end - server runs as a service, therefore, it can not be accidentally shut down by closing the GUI
  • Server engine is completely event based - our new event driven method dramatically reduces CPU consumption from others who rely on constant polling
  • Multiple master addresses - you can even assign different DNP master addresses per topic for the same server
  • Multiple DNP topics per device - this feature allows one to assign multiple topics, with different protocol configuration scan points, to the same device
  • Complete control over CROB operations
  • Easy to perform select and direct operate
  • Class poll objects are selectable - Class 0, 1, 2, and 3 can be individually selected for polling
  • Demand scan - instant polling of specific topic at user selected priority
  • Dynamic topic priorities for dial up - once connected to the remote device via dial up, topics in the queue for the same phone number are given priority over others, to complete the poll and reduce over head of connection time
  • Deboost dial up topic priority - the smart starvation logic deboosts the priority of a dial up connection after a user defined time, so that other dial out numbers can proceed with topic polling
  • built in high speed logger that is full of smart features: stable view (most loggers, if included, would scroll as data is coming in. Our logger stays static as you view the data), color coded messages (helps in troubleshooting quickly between good and bad messages), able to perform editing functions (such as copy, select, find, and others) and multi-user logger (in keeping with our multi-user access capability of the server, multiple users can view the logger at the same time).
  • Smart multi-threading optimized for Win. NT 4, Win. 2000, Win. XP, and Server 2003 Technology

As with any of our products, with the combination of our Smart Protocol Analyzer or the Smart Protocol Server, working side by side with the DNP3 I/O Server, you will be able to run and maintain the system with little or no intervention.

The server fully supports up to DNP Level 1, 2, and 3 Serial (RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485), TCP/IP, and OPC version 1.0 & 2.0 standards. See the OPC Data Server Form for current OPC compliance.

Visit our FAQ page for commonly asked questions on our DNP Server