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Your source for OPC I/O Servers, Testsets & Protocol
Analyzers. Imperious Technology is the first in the
industry to offer OPC Servers with built-in Testset
and Protocol Analysis capabilities.
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Modbus OPC Serial Server

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Get your free copy of the OPC HTML Studio!
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FAQ #1: Why do I need to give my contact if it is a free copy?
It is a highly customizable and an advanced OPC Client with various uses. To keep it from unwarrented abuse, we decided to monitor who is using the software and as such, require your information.

FAQ #2: Why do you need my MAC address and how do I find my MAC address?
The OPC component of OPC HTML Studio requires activation through the MAC address. Please review the following document on locating your MAC Address.

FAQ #3: Can I get more than 1 copy?
At this time, we are limiting everyone to 1 free copy (restrictions apply). If you have special needs, please contact us with the requirements. We do offer site licenses to companies.

FAQ #4: What are the restrictions?
Generally we offer 1 free license when you buy one of our OPC Servers or use our services.

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