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Your source for OPC I/O Servers, Testsets & Protocol
Analyzers. Imperious Technology is the first in the
industry to offer OPC Servers with built-in Testset
and Protocol Analyzer capabilities.
Smart Master I/O Server
Smart Slave I/O Server
Smart Protocol Analyzer
Smart Master I/O Server Designed for large scale systems in mind. Supports DNP3, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII and MODBUS TCP Master protocols. Supports Built in Protocol Analyzer and Testset. The I/O Server supports redundancy for fail safe operation.
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Smart Slave I/O ServerSmart Slave Server lets you define DNP3, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP and MODBUS ASCII Slaves. Use it for protocol conversion, data gateway, simulation, testing and training. Use Dynamic HTML to create custom Slave front end. Define thousands of slaves in minutes.
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Smart Protocol AnalyzerWorks transparently over the Computer's I/O ports (serial & network). The analyzer supports Modbus, Fisher-ROC, BSAP, DNP and other Protocols. In addition to monitoring, this tool is capable of simulating Master and Slave devices.
First in the industry to introduce SQL for protocol analyzer, we now offer SmartPA SQL which helps you quickly locate MODBUS/DNP or other protocol packets based on register, analog, digital, status, name, value, flags, IIN, range, size, DNP millisec timestamp, Windows nanosec timestamps and much much more. A single line SQL statement can go through a million DNP/MODBUS transactions in matter of seconds. SmartPA can load previously captured files, including pcap files and search through it to find target packets with unbelievable ease. This is a unique feature only offered by SmartPA in the protocol analyzer world.

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News Highlights
EZ-OPC Scritping
  • TRAINING: Need to learn DNP3, BSAP, Modbus, or OPC?
    Let Imperious Technology train you or your team using our advanced Servers and troubleshooting tools!
  • Imperious Technology Develops DNP Gateway for TAIT MPT 1327 Trunked Radio Network
  • USBR selects Imperious Technology for its DNP3, Modbus, and troubleshooting needs.
  • CFE Mexico selects Imperious Technology's DNP3 Master, Slave OPC I/O Server.
  • Invensys turns to Imperious for DNP3 Master I/O Server.
  • Schweitzer US selects Imperious for DNP3 Master OPC Server.
  • SEL - Mexico turns to Imperious for DNP3 Master and Slave I/O Server solutions.
  • WonderWare turns to Imperious for DNP3 Master I/O Server needs.
Smart Protocol Analyzer EZ-OPC Client tool takes complexity out of OPC. You can connect with any OPC Data Servers using vbscript, jscript, VB, and .NET. Comes with Integrated Development Environment (VBScript and JScript Editing). Use it to interface DNP and/or other OPC Servers with any ADO/ODBC compliant database using SQL.
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Smart Protocol AnalyzerAn OPC HTML Client tool created to support open standard for easy control and testing via OPC connectivity. Ask for your free copy today.
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